"I worked with Alison for 6 months and would highly recommend her. She helped me work through some thorny and confusing career issues using a variety of techniques. She is knowledgeable, flexible and highly professional. The coaching brought about a number of "aha" moments and I am continuing the reap the benefits of the work we did together."
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A visionary leader wants to develop leadership skills through the organisation.

Client: Madgex

The CEO of Madgex had worked with me on his own leadership skills, wanting to work around visionary leadership and influencing skills.

He wanted to tap into the potential of the senior managers and directors at Madgex as it was time for a shift of responsibility and a shared ownership by everyone at a senior level, not just board level.

As in every successful growing business, there is a time when the next level of management has to step up to the plate. Having a coaching programme was seen as the best way in this fast moving company for the transition to happen.

objectives of the programme

Focusing on a group of directors identified as strong candidates, we outlined a leadership skills plan for them over 6 months. The objectives were to address the specific development needs of each director to help strengthen their personal, business, and leadership skills and make a greater impact with their clients and teams.

Madgex has a strong culture and ethos and are known for supporting and developing people who embody the company values.

To build Madgex Leadership skills and business excellence and incorporate company culture, we defined what would describe the next level for the directors.

  • Strategic thinking and decision making
  • Managing with less than perfect information
  • Planning concepts and outcomes
  • Motivating others, influence and impact
  • Communication styles, feedback and reporting

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